May 2019 Energy News & Pricing!

Tomorrow is the 1st of May! Where has the time gone?!

It is flying out the door with the higher energies that are lighting everybody up on this planet!

We are coming into such high vibrational shields of light that we do not know how much more intensity we can handle! But it is a clearing light of such magnitude that our frequencies can be in alignment if we are willing to choose the pathway that suits our systems of light the best.

When we are in distress, we are not feeling our best, so we cannot shift into the frequencies of light which best illuminate our timeline passageways that would protect us and suit us for our highest good.We can only shift and hold the highest light cell structure of energy that reverberates with the highest intentions of our thoughts! The rest must be cleared away. 

Check out my May Pricing page on my website or to “Book Now!” for your appointment. I am still keeping prices low for you!

Also, please check out my newest playlist (Energetic Healing for Healers of Light) on my youtube channel called “Healing Our Energy!” about our wonderful Healers of Light on the planet! 

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If you are drawn to understanding energy light work for your own or for others healing, you can listen to the videos that are channelled for your information and enlightenment. They are directly channelled and guided from Higher Light Dimensions of thought.

Stay in the Light!