Energy Healing

Energy healing affects all of the parts of our mental-emotional-physical bodies in our template of our electromagnetic field which surrounds us. Our direct tolerance of our daily lives relies on our being grounded and systemically at peace in ourselves. When our emotionally charged atmospheres cannot be cleared due to blockages in linear time, we can coordinate our own selves at higher levels or states of matter to intervene and project our own thoughts to clear old emotional wounds and mental programming that do not benefit our body. These blockages can be released, which directly affect the whole body system including our spiritual aspects of self. The gradual changes that are facilitated envelope our development at a societal as well as at a pro-creational level.

If we want to clear ourselves of the part of our energy which isn’t helping us to feel good about ourselves, then we can shift gears, so to speak, and align our properties in Spirit Light Essence into higher reaching realms of thought and co-existence with Self. When we can put ourselves on ‘pilot’ to clear our angry energy which is creating losing situations for us, we can better steer our own Light cellular structures to be clear. All of our own toxic thoughts and feelings within our own energy can be drawn within our own cellular structures of our Light energy body and then be released in the co-existence of thought particles with mind over matter qualities. We can disperse our own hidden energetic thoughts, which turn us into knots of futile thinking, until we can reverberate at a juncture of Light particles in time and space, which will illuminate our Grace from Above. This is the act of capturing our Love. This is our Godly gift from Above. It is our own chosen Love for ourselves.

You can work on yourselves to clear all of your own hurtful thoughts and feelings until you feel the higher frequencies which will uplift you and engage you in higher, happier thoughts of Wisdom and Light.