My Book-The Process Of Healing Along The Timeline

The Process Of Healing Along The Timeline

The Puzzle Pieces.

 “The information in this book has come through to me as pieces of a puzzle.

Just as we begin a puzzle with 500 or 1000 pieces all jumbled up into a pile on the table for us to sort through and make sense of, we take time to see the whole picture. Once we get a certain distance into forming the puzzle, it becomes clearer. This is how the process of healing along the timeline has been revealed to me, only without the picture being given on the outside of the box!

 I have written the substance of the book as measures in time along our timeline, a feature which doesn’t quit when we are done speaking about it. It flows forever ongoing as we are ongoing in time.

Chapter 1.

Energy Alignments on the Grid.

 We are here on this Planet of Earthly Love for a reason. I believe it to be an awesome reason. We are in the process of ascending along our individual timelines. It is all being cleared and well documented in the ethers, so that one will be able to hear it when they are ready, willing and able to proceed with their ascension.

 We are being encouraged to believe that not all of our ascensions are going to benefit from the releasing of our emotions, but our guilts have been recording our own mis-behaviours or misdeeds for some time. If we do not choose to relax and let go of all of our guilt complexes, which we carry together as a family unit across time, then we will not be given any rites of passage to our new world or age.

 We need to shift our emotional energy, more in tune with our thought programming sequences or memories, to remove hidden agendas of fear in our lives. When we can process more fearful attitudes out of our complex streams of thought, then we can shift a higher and more complete energy sweep of the guilt which is layering the corpuscles in the bodies’ matter stream of energy flow.

 When we learn our lessons in grounding our guilt complexes and wayward ways from antiquity, we can clear our own energy timelines. Some of us have lost our way, and are not energetically clear enough to resolve our own matter in time. So we need to get back on track and review and conduct our own methods of transferring our energy lines back through the portals of time to ascend.”

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The Process Of Healing Along The Timeline