What Happens During A Session?

We begin an in-person session with you laying down on a massage table and taking slow breaths. You are by yourself for a few minutes while you relax into this calming breathing technique. 

Then the axiatonal alignment is done, which entails a series of tapping on various points on your body. This further allows you to reach a calm meditative state.

Then, once you are relaxed, we begin tuning into your energy fields. Information is gathered from your various levels of sub-conscious desires as well as your conscious ones. They are streaming live data from the ethers which tell us very important information about all of your issues in life regarding living and dreaming states of Being. Once we have obtained all of the information together, we begin soliciting facts from the unknown reaches of time, down into our timeline structures.

That being said and done, by now more information comes through the ethers to advise us how to proceed, how to act, how to set boundaries, the differences of the unknown as opposed to the known states of Being and Oneness.

We all come here together to acquire advice in one form or another and through our energy healing techniques of Soul and Spirit, we are ripe for turning ourselves around. We can proceed to ground ourselves in Light cell energy, feeling our way into topics of concern or interest, which we each hold dear to our hearts to speak about.

Then, once all of our concerns are aired, we can proceed to thought mechanism removal or rather energetically remove unwanted thoughts and emotional sequences of thought, which protrude into our daily lives. These unwanted thoughts of control and such, do no good for any of us who come from our Heart of hearts in alliance with Nature and Mother Earth.

Patterns of thoughts and feelings, which do not translate for our overall wealthy state of existence, do not terminate easily. We must entrain and hold each negative thought and/or feeling to our switch, which reaches our Higher Light. Then we can be free from our negative beliefs that we are not going to be able to reach our maximum potential in the Light.

Energy work can release our systems of thought, which we have been taught, before time began. It is a release of our energy form which is out of touch with our Higher Realm of Being. Once we are plugged into the Light, we can reach higher into the domains of thought where we once originated from. We no longer have to endure the master/slave relationship of many here.

We are sentient creatures whose hearts are pure once our alliance with thought towards controlling maneuvers are eliminated.

We are then free in ourselves once more! The Peace is phenomenal!