How Can I Help You-Energetically-Speaking?

I can help you in various ways, energetically-speaking. There is a process to healing and it follows one pattern and then the next from a hierarchal point of view. This is the process as we energetically heal ourselves. Our energetic strengths can be reviewed as we go the distance to clear ourselves until our natural health returns in a prism of Light.

Energetic healing entails moving the rhythms of the bodies of Light around your energetic structures to allow in more necessary current to uplift your frequency for clearing your old thoughts, deeds and dislikes. This clearing enters into your subconscious, training your outer ethers or networks of units of bodies within your Soul’s reach to filter, intuitively, concurrently, lots of space to perceive and witness your own Truth in regards to matter and your existence. Once all of the older thought patterns give way, then we can clear more of the desire body or feelings of animosity, guilt, etc which have been hibernating for some time, to open up new neural network pathways to align with Spirit. Instead of dreaming of what you would like to see in this life, then you can actually make it happen. It will be a dream no more, but reality-based.

This prism of thought can increase one’s sensing abilities to become more like the ethereal nature of one who is impressed upon by Spirit consciousness. Our latent behaviours can be driven forward and let go at a moment’s notice. Then all of our older, improper ways of being can be destroyed. There will be no nonsense allowed nor wanted as we grow up energetically into Spirit-Light frequencies which wash the brain stem from older methods of Being. Our inner frequency alliances with Spirit will meld with other’s consciousnesses until we are all inhabiting one thought to heal the planet and beyond. Our treasure is in the higher reaches of thought (heaven)!

All healing will be revealed at the higher levels of thought once we have concurrently released our cells from the damaging way that we process our inner light and our outer ethereal consciousnesses.