Transmutation Of Etheric Energies

Transmutational energies are thought to be so wide in scope that they cannot be hindered by the light cell energies of thought, but they can be shifted in correlation to our thought structures of the brain.  If we unevenly drain our blocked strictures of thought within the brain cell stem system, then our cells cannot emerge wiped and clean.  They remain blocked for years until our terminals can be free from visions which are not healthy for us to see.

Transmutation is not evident from some correlations of thought, while others can see themselves freed from other people’s energy.  So thought resistance is freed from our cells energy systems when we can be relieved from being complacent about our own energy spheres planting thoughts from others’ visions of ourselves, as well as our own thoughts against ourselves.  Being complacent in thought towards ourselves and others is damaging until we are cleared within our energy spheres of thought magnetism.

When transmutational energy spheres control thought mechanisms within the shield of the heart, we can be complacent no more.  We must store more energy at our core shield to envelop others’ residual inconsequential thoughts about us, which yield control possibilities for us all.  When these thought possibilities take hold of our thoughts, we can no longer be in control of draining our own momentum, which we have gained over the years to apply to our own freedom from thoughts which govern what we do.  We naturally can shield ourselves and heal.

Surround your own energy shields with thoughts of Love and turn ourselves onto the light cell energy growth of victimless Beings, which can adhere to thought structures which are clearer in energy for their brain, and more, from their heart!