Transmutational Energies-Uplifting Codes

Our transformational changes in energy codes uplift all of us when we are putting our thoughts together to create a vastly different and widely improved world. These encodings or properly aligned rhythms of thought, project each others’ subconscious desires into the folds of time.

When this energetic re-alignment is spurred on to complete our newer, better, brighter, cleaner future of thoughts, we can mold our entire systems of thought energy to complete our energetic circumstances on earth to a higher plane of less resistance to emboldened, and thus freeing, action. When we can surmount our negativity, which permeates our thought activity that we keep dwelling on or thinking of, down through time, we can re-process our thinking to value higher thoughts in relation to time.

All of our consequences of thought either pull us together or tear us apart, so be more alert and cleanse your mind of all of the old, habitual patterns that hinder and hurt us. Then we can all step forward along our timelines, into higher energy codes, which can then uplift and shift our energetic abilities to become One with all space and time relevancy.