What Is Energetic Healing?

Energy healing entails giving light to the energetic bodies that surround us. It means purposefully healing the light cell energy codes within our structures. Our energetic frequency codes, which are involved in healing light cellular structures completely, go through their very own metamorphosis of structural cleaning and their rebirth gives us more neural networks to explore and enhance ourselves.

Once our energetic frequencies match those of the light cellular structures, we can gain our wisdom which is truly engrained in thought and Spirit Essence. We can be shifted into higher molecules of thought which can then contain mightier strains of thought or vision. Then once our own thoughts are concentrated enough to bleed through into others’ consciousnesses of thought, we can maneuver our own Essences in a way that lights up our collective path. We can coalesce in Essence and undo horrific trains of thought which bring us down mentally and emotionally in mind and emotional bodies.

This is our way out! It can finally clear our old processes of thought, and wisdom can realign properly, in a higher way, to encode prisms of energy which ignite our Souls’ purpose for being here.

Energetically, we are clear.