Hello Everyone!


“This is February!

Disclosures are coming out left, right and center, if we just look for them on the worldly scene.

Many more are soon appearing as well.

This disclosing of the evidence of the pure Form of Light, retracts any negativity from our sight.

Truth appearing gives us great delight, since we view things from our Higher perspective and Insight.

This is Form turning into Light.

It is a restructuring of our internal and eternal wisdom from our Higher Insight.

This formation of Truth evaporates the older paradigms of internal brain washing and lower aptitudes in the dark, hidden recesses of the mind.

In other words, we will see ourselves develop over time and lessen the qualities of the lower mind.

This is our Time!

It is the development of the 5th Dimensional mind.

No longer will we be a slave to the lower line of time.”


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Teacher Training Courses in Advanced Quantum Energy Healing/Reading/Creating

Hello Everyone,

As some of you might already know, the first class, which was to be at The Raven Heart, is cancelled, so I am offering our first class at my location in Kettle Point.

Spirit Guidance has shown me to include my book for all of you who become part of our new Group of Healers & Teachers of the Light in multi-dimensional aspects of Self and beyond.

Each class, which will be one a month, will cover a different topic, such as quantum reality teaching, sub-conscious awareness aspects of self, developing intuitive abilities, learning how to read others as well as self, gaining command of Oneself in the Higher Light and more.

I will send another email out to others as well, but if you know of anyone who is likewise interested in developing their abilities to help themselves and the Collective, please pass this info on to them.

I am open to whatever Saturday or even Sunday works for you, so just let me know.

I will try to set something up for this month, but if that does not work, then we will start in October.

RSVP with the day that will work for you in September and October.

The first class’s price will be $95.00…$80.00 + my book ($15.00) = $95.00

After that, each class will be $80.00.


Lots of Love & Light,