June Solstice Special 2024 ENERGY NEWS & PRICING!!!

Hello Everyone!


“June is about to be very dis-harmonious to some degree 

Because we need to break free 

And assert our autonomy.

Therefore, we will be able to Be free

Once the energy has been more highly aligned in its symmetry

And its frequency.

Then we will be able to see, sense and Be 

More articulate in our energy

And our expression can be 

Of a higher chi.

We are sending you our Highest Energy

And the victimization (program) will be prohibited, with no more stagnancy in the world to see.”

From that information, I would take it to mean that we are finally going to be able to see just what has been happening on the world scene and understand more of our own energy fields of light. We will be self-determined by our own Higher Wisdom Light!


This is Solstice month, so our prices are special as a result!

The June Pricing page is now ready for viewing on my website, if you want to check it out and book your next appointment session.

There are readings as well as healings available, In-Person or GoToMeeting (like Zoom) sessions.

Helping each other to succeed in our climbing out of this lower density is culminating in our acquiring our own strength, back where it belongs.

Love & Light,


P.S.  Fyi….the roads here have been “healed” with more gravel and smoother surfaces, for those of you who take the time to journey for an In-Person Session.