Mentoring Telephone or GoToMeeting Session

In this mentoring session, we explore our individuality as well as our core root of Being on the planet to help others progress on their path of healing. We gain more Insight into who we are, where we are from, what our mission entails, and details concerning a wide range of topics, all conducive to gaining higher wisdom and knowledge, with which to help others on their journey of light.

When we have gained enough wisdom and knowledge in our growth here, we can offer assistance to those who are travelling on their particular path of light. Healers of Light offer their own energy systems of light to others who are also on their path of learning in the light. It helps all of us to awaken to our spiritual consciousness or connectivity in the light.

To be of service in the light is the path of many of our Healers of Light! Moving forward on our pathways enlightens the whole collective to see our capacity of fulfilling love in this space and timeline.

Telephone sessions must be paid upon booking your appointment.

To book an appointment now, please click on the link below. (there is a 24 hr cancellation policy in effect)

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