Energy Healing & Clearing

Aura Clearing

The muddy constrictors or layers that envelope us in our aura cause many problems if we are not aware of their potential to do harm. We can change and eradicate these films that threaten to hide our Light if we approach it in the correct manner. Spatially, we are no different than any other organism in this universe or planet. However, we can broadside or sabotage ourselves by not knowing enough about our condition on this earth, thereby inhibiting ourselves from further growth on this Planet of Being. Subsequently, we (our aura) can “arc” apart (be torn apart) and be caught in our predicament of “fight or flight”. Our predicament in this Life is to know how to end the strife of our “fight or flight” mechanism. When fear is at hand, we need to clear all of the waste products (of fear) that we have drawn near. (like attracts like, so when we are fearful we draw or attract to ourselves more and more fear) So, bodily, if we can locate the stymied fear in our aura and cleanse it out of our atmosphere, then we can begin to think more clearly and feel calmer and be more at peace within ourselves, regardless of what is happening in the world around us. Faith is a key element in clearing out our fear and keeping it clear, for as we draw more faith to ourselves, again, like attracts like, and we radiate with more faith and love and hence, less fear. Aura work helps release the fear and clears the atmosphere, penetrating and clearing the waste, which allows more Light to enter in.

Aura clearing also works on past emotional traumas that have caused blockages for us today and it sends a message down through the timeline to clear out these waste products which pollute our atmosphere. Once we begin to eradicate these old thought-forms and toxins, we can begin to feel lighter, as if a huge weight has been lifted off of our shoulders. As more and more Light then fills our chakras and auric space, we can begin to feel more joy and satisfaction in our day-to-day life. The stress and strife that we feel can be replaced by uplifting feelings and more emotional stability. Peace and tranquility follow. Karmic debt can be released from the aura as it is cleaned, which helps our progress along the path to ascension.

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