Meditating is our spiritual key to freedom in this life. If we want to be free and liberated, this is our chance to look to the Light. It is our given birthright. When we are feeling fear and frozen in thought, we can turn that around.

Send your energy into the ground and this will displace your feelings of fear and quite quantitatively clear the anxiety and fretfulness that we dispel down here. Then you will always be of good cheer!

Our meditations can clear the negative energy that we fear. This is our promise to ourselves that we will have a better year!

Start first thing in the morning to meditate. If you can only give yourself 15 minutes per day, it will melt a hole in your old way. Be assured that you will layer a new way by wholly committing yourself to The New Way of being in alignment with your goals during the day. Then you can make headway! Give it a try today! You will like your day! Life is much better this way.

Eventually, you will increase your learning
And eventually your old bridges will be burning
And all of your new Higher Inner yearning
Can be instead, the learning.

A one hour meditation is a good length of time to have as a goal. If you can make it to two hours, then we will have achieved a greater goal! You will be learning Soul to Soul!