The Benefits Of Energy Healing

The benefits from energy healing affect you on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual – in a positive manner.

You can feel calmer and more relaxed and more able to meditate. The sensation of being at peace and acceptance of the world around you can fill your heart, mind, body and soul with increased energy flows to your energetic body systems, which are aligned to your thought and re-creation abilities.

As you progress in your own body’s energetic flows, your emotional system will become clearer, as well as your thought processes. When these thought processes emerge unscathed from being entangled in knots of debris of previously disabled networks of thought impulses, certain jargon can then be left behind, which no longer serves us as a society, as well as an individual.

Once our renewed thought systems work out better for us, we can then make great headway into Eternal musings of thought, rather then projected ones, where we hurt ourselves, unnecessarily hurting others as well. We can speed our own healing along much faster when we incorporate what we have learned, along with our old discarded past issues, which only bind us to the old patterns of hate and other such negativity.

Our only other projection is fear, which we will clear out of the old hatreds, which dominate scenes of destruction. Our new karmic ties can blend more easily to others’ ties, and we can produce our forcefields to shield our cellular-molecular structures at a higher rate of frequency. Then clearer, plainer remedies or patterns of thought can turn our cells into vastly different shades or beings of creation for future lives spent in peaceful existence.

The more energy work that is done, the more your frequency rises, and you shift into perspectives that augment your alignment with Soul Self, body and mind. This is done to allow your time shift perspectives proper timing along your respective birth channels, for to delete them along your string lines of time, means to defeat them, once and for all.