Axiatonal Alignment

What is Axiatonal Alignment?

Axiatonal Alignment is an energy treatment that opens and clears the meridian channels or lines, then balances both sides of the body, and finally, reconnects the body to the Universal grid which is a field of quantum energy. The grid is composed of energy or axiatonal lines that surround the body and flow into spin points which are small spherical vortices of electromagnetic energy. These points send axiatonal energy into the axiatonal system of the body and the acupuncture meridians. This connection of energy provides good health physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. When our energy field is disrupted by stress, physical or emotional injury, radiation, or surgery, reconnection to the energy grid is recommended. Axiatonal Alignment takes approximately 10 minutes and involves light tapping at the points on the physical body and can be followed by other energy treatments to maximize the healing process.

I am now offering an axiatonal alignment via telephone session when you book a regular telephone session appointment. Please ask for the alignment by name.

Advanced axiatonal alignment, (which takes far longer than 10 minutes!) extends the reverberation down the timeline to institute more connections via the Astronomical Grid of Alliance for people wishing to commute their thoughts of Existence down their own timeline. That keeps us stable and more precise in our energy movements to our own inner timing of our Destiny and Vision. Please join us for the Vision Quest of Existence over Time and Space and Being. Look forward to meeting you!

Axiatonal Alignment Classes

For those of you who would like to learn the procedure, please contact me in regards to taking the one day class which is located in SouthWestern Ontario, Canada.

Click on the “Pricing” page to view the fee for the class.