June 2019 Energy News & Pricing!

How have you gotten through May with all of the supra energy bombardments on the planet?

 It has been quite the maneuvering through the storm of new energy frequency alignments on our plane of existence! (My last few youtube videos addressed this topic if you want to check them out at my youtube channel called Healing Our Energy! You can click “Subscribe” and click the little bell icon to receive notifications when I upload a new video)

Proceeding into our June alignments will be far easier than before now that we know how to navigate the wider depths of feeding our energy higher ways of viewing our surroundings.It can’t be a complacent sitting-back anymore! Move forward on your timeline and adjust to the frequencies that are more in alignment with higher ways of Being and looking at our future!

Our new ways, or shall I say waves (of higher consciousness), are here!

You can check out this month’s Pricing page on my website www.healingourenergy.ca¬†and arrange your choice of sessions on “Book Now!” or “Schedule Appointments” page. Need help booking an appointment? You can contact me for assistance.

If you want to delve more into your own sub-conscious awareness to train it to magnetize greater possibilities to & for you, then book your appointment this month.

Looking forward to seeing you again!

Love, Always.