July 2019 Energy News & Pricing & New Mentoring Service!

Here we are at the beginning of July!

Happy Canada Day! I am offering a Canada Day Special for the In-Person 90 minute session for only $50.00!!! That is almost 50% off of the regular price! Also, I am extending the special pricing on Telephone Energy Healing/Reading Sessions. You can view the Pricing page on my website www.healingourenergy.ca and can start booking your appointments now.

The big news this month is all about the eclipses and how their superb energy will be pushing us all forward at a fast pace.Many of us have had quite a few changes already, but this will be awesome in its magnitude of bringing us together to promote more health and understanding via the cosmic, energetic waves that permeate the planet.If it all seems to be a bit much for you to handle this month, please consider venturing out to see me or talk with me via telephone and book your appointments with our Team of Light, to enlighten you further on your path! It feels better when we know which direction to move in and how!

I have made some changes to my website www.healingourenergy.ca by adding a new service called “Mentoring Telephone Session.” My higher guidance has shown that this is the area where I am to be of service in a more profound way. As a result, I have added a new page on my website under “Services” where you will find the description of my new mentoring sessions. The price is reflected on my Pricing page.

My Pricing page now reflects July’s new specials as well as the regular prices. You can check it out by visiting my website. Just click on “Book Now” or “Schedule Appointments” for the new service as well as the updated pricing for the month.

Please pass this information along to anyone who might be interested.Looking forward to connecting with you!