April 2019 Energy News & Schedule/Pricing!

April is bringing forth more than just rain showers this year! We are about to bring in the new year of hope and resolution and matters of the heart to complete our new beginning and our new start! If you have been stalling and are not energetically aligning with your new heart chakra system of light, then you could feel more mis-alignments (mishaps) than normal. Finding time to resonate with higher dimensional frequencies align our systems of light to much higher genetic codes where we are freeing our cells and our motivations from mundane experiences and old timeline codes.Upgrade your own vitality via energetic clearings (which involves subconscious issues) and then all of your higher alignments with this lifetime will come online and shine bright!

I am now working full time doing energy healing work so my schedule is open! You can click on my “Book Now!” page on my website www.healingourenergy.ca to check Pricing as well as to book appointments with me for energetic enlightenment or other issues of the heart. Feeling good about yourself and others is always a good start to our new year!