October 2019 Energy News, My Moving News & Pricing!

Here it is October already!

The energy is shifting quickly now as we race ahead in our time and space arena! As we move ahead of time, we can correlate all of our energy to the higher system of light cell energy body activations going on here on our planet.It is time for moving forward and not holding back in your visions of light, for our momentums are turning each and every one of us onto the higher light cell energy bodies beaming light on the planet in rhythmic motions of higher light cell energy codes.All of us are hearing the rhythms of light in our own frequency bands of energy encoding light.Soon, we will all be balancing more light in our higher energy chakras! We will be encoding more light!

As I mentioned previously, I am moving as of the third week in October and therefore will only be offering appointments, of any session type, for the first 2 weeks of October. I may be able to offer emergency-only appointments on a come-by-chance method up to Oct. 21. To inquire if that will be possible due to my schedule, email me or leave me a telephone voicemail.

Once I get settled, I will notify you when I am ready to book Telephone Sessions and Long Distance Sessions again.

For those of you who come in person to see me, I just want to take this moment to thank all of you for your continued support over the past 13 years. It has truly been an inspirational and uplifting time for me! I will miss you!!

However, we can still keep in touch via Telephone Sessions. In this type of session, I call you, and after we are done, email you a recording of the session for you to listen to the information and feel the energy over and over again for your benefit.

You can also subscribe to my Healing Our Energy! Youtube channel to keep up-to-date with the current energy shifts, as well as leaving comments/questions for me. Click on the little notification bell so that you get the link sent to your email address every time that I upload a new video on youtube.

October Pricing is on my website Pricing page at www.healingourenergy.ca as well as on my Book Now! page.

Please pass this information along to anyone who might be interested.