August 2019 Energy News & Special Summer Savings Pricing!

August is already here and more grounding and self-help and self-care are all part of the package deal for the month!

We are wading through more energy fields that restrict our conscious awareness, but we are beginning to shift it. 

When we do shift this light cell frequency energy body in combination with truth, less resistance is held within, to the changes that are happening on the planet.

Working together as One Spirit Light ignites all of our intuitive abilities coming online at this juncture in time!

If you want more energy flow to understand the problems that some of you are going through, then allow for our forward moving energy healing to work for you!

Check out my Pricing page on my website for the August special prices! Summer Savings continue for the 90 minute In-Person Session. It is only $65.00 for the month of August, so go to the page “Book Now!” to reserve your appointment.The 1 Hr In-Person Session is reduced to just $60.00 & the 2 Hr In-Person Session is reduced to $120.00. The Telephone Healing/Reading Session is still on sale as well!

More intuitive frequency is aligning for us to take care of our healing process.

Please share this information with anyone else whom you feel would be interested!

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