2019 Holiday Message & Specials!!

It is that time of year again as we all gather together to fulfill each other’s dreams in the Light!

At this special time of year, we can manifest all that we hold dear to our hearts and believe in outcomes that create harmony and well-wishing for everyone. Be part of the Peace and Good Tidings for everyone combined!

As part of our healing process of light, we can develop new ways of Being and productive life long lessons of filtering which thoughts we want to hold onto and those that we no longer require on our road to success in the New Year of 2020.

Be part of this New Season of Light!

For those wishing for more healing at this time of year, I have created a new Pricing system for all of our Telephone Sessions. You can go to www.healingourenergy.ca┬áto check it out and then book your appointment by clicking on the “Book Now” or “Schedule Appointments” page.

All Telephone Sessions are recorded, if wanted, and then emailed to you. I call you at our appointed time for whichever Telephone Session that you choose, whether it is an Energy Healing/Reading that you desire or a Mentoring Session. All questions are answered during the process.

The booking system is now easier to use! The dark purple squares indicate my available days & times and the lavender squares indicate that I am not available for appointments. Just click on whatever day & time that you prefer.If you want help booking an appointment, just email me